If it wasn’t for the skate community of Charleston, South Carolina speaking up and voicing their frustrations about delayed skatepark plans the city probably would have let the project slip through the cracks.

Charleston’s promise started in March 2010 when $2 million dollars was allocated to purchasing land and designing a new skatepark. The design phase has been in the works for over a year now and just this week city officials reveal the original plans have been tossed and have a new location is on the horizon. “It’s central, and there are a lot of people who would be able to walk, skate, and bike there,” Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. said at a commision meeting.

It was Monday night when the commision instructed city staff to negotiate the purchase of a piece of land on the Charleston peninsula and to move forward with the design phase immediately once the land is under contract. No images of the designs yet but you can bet they will be awesome because Park and Rec Executive Director Tom O’Rourke confirmed Team Pain will be getting the $100,000 design job.

While you’re there check out the Blind Tiger Historic Pub


Almost 10 years in the making an Eugene, Oregon downtown park plagued by problems will never look the same as the nation’s largest covered skate park will begin to skate shape August 1st.

The $2.5 million dollar endeavor will consist of a 23,000 sq. foot custom designed transition style course that will be ideal for beginners and advanced skaters. The new space will feature new restroom facilities, an urban plaza, vender stalls for food carts, bike racks, drinking fountains, energy efficient lighting and soft bushes to help heighten the sense of safety. Apparently people like to hide in the shadows of the Washington-Jefferson Park so the new skatepark will also have an emergency call box and will be patrolled regularly by the fuzz. Frequent visitor Jim Wear says “Better lighting more people and bigger police presence. i think its going to benefit everyone.” But the real benefit is that the park should only take approximately 6 months to build.



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