Talk all the shit you want.

Troll the fuck out of people if you so please.

This is your open forum.

You got footy, post it.
You got photos, post it.
You think something is dope, post it
You think something is wack as fuck, post it up.
If she got ass, POST IT!!!

I remember the golden days of the Internet when there was a glorious site called Skateboard Rumors. It was good for countless hours of entertainment. And since the plug got pulled I feel the Internet just hasn’t been the same. Sure you still have all the porn etc you ever wanted and then some, but there needs to be another type of release.

The releasing of good hearty steaming stinking pile of skateboarding and shit talking.

So here you all go…

Let the games begin, but please if you know where Danny Way lives keep that to yourself.

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