So on July 3rd I was dropping the morning deuce and checking my phone like I does every morning and I came across ole Paul’s Instagram and I seen a picture of a spray painted skateboard. Nothing new there. Motherfuckers been spray painting their decks, so I looked over all the stickers and this guys got 86 target stickers but nan one Plan B stick. So I holler at Digi cause I know his ear is to the streets but he didn’t know what I was talking about Willis. So after using a Wet Wipe or two for sanitary and comfort reasons* I had forgot all about said spray painted deck.


But yesterday I gets a text from my cousin…


With nothing else to do on hangover Monday I decided to go down the Rodriguez rabbit hole to see if I couldn’t figure out what’s happening while providing me with a little entertainment. So I seen the following picture On Paul’s Instagram,

So that is settled. PAUL IS OFF THE PLAN.

But where is he going next?

and is he taking Torey with him…

Maybe to…

Diamond Supply Co Skateboards?
Here is Jeron jumping out the trunk of Tershay’s Rolls with what looks to be a Diamond Board.

So does this mean JDubb is also relocating?



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