1. Promote, promote, promote and then promote some more

You need valuable and magnetic content to attract an audience. But even the best content still needs to be marketed and promoted. People aren’t going to just find your content because you’ve created it; you’ve got to market it! The short-lived nature of online and social media means you’ve got to find multiple ways to get the word out and keep the word out.

A few tips to help with promotion:
Promote your staple products/ services on your social channels regularly
Use short descriptive grabbers for tweets and include link to post
Leverage influencers, tag people with big followings who may be interested in your post

2. Optimize your blog posts and landing pages for search engines

Search engine optimization is more about creating quality content and less about technical know-how. There are basic on-page practices for SEO that are essential for ensuring search engines find your content and serve it up to end users. In fact, failing to optimize your blog posts and landing pages for search engines could cost you a lot of traffic and missed opportunities with potential clients.

Here are some SEO best practices to follow:
Include a descriptive URL that includes primary keyword (<90 characters)
Create an accurate title tag that includes primary keyword (<70 characters long)
Create a unique meta description that includes keywords (<150 characters long)
Use the primary keyword in the page headline and secondary headlines
Keyword optimize ALT tags and image file names

3. Make your friends content marketing ambassadors

Regardless of the size of your company, your friends present a great opportunity to increase the reach of your content marketing. Each and every one of your friends has their own social network following, and each one of your friend’s network likely represents a different audience than you’re able to target with your single social media efforts.

Encourage friends to:
Share every blog post
Like, retweet and comment on social posts
Create discussions in groups using your content
Promote content during face-to-face and email interactions with prospects

4. Don’t forget about email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to present news, deals, and exclusive content directly to your target audience. Most email newsletters come off as spam because they are just trying to sell you something. Use your email messages to share interesting stories. With thought provoking material as a main ingredient to your marketing recipe email marketing can help increase reach and drive both traffic and engagement.

Here are a few ideas:
Make your eNewsletter more content marketing oriented
Market your eNewsletter
Don’t over do it, respect people’s inboxes




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